Old Time Scribe

~~Penmanship Restored~~
A Modern Day Scribe Writing Your Message Using The Lost Art of the Handwritten Word



What Is The Old Time Scribe?

The Scribe's penmanship services provide customers a way to uniquely transform and transmit their otherwise dull electronic messages into a classic handwriting and mailing system. In short: The Scribe will take your e-messages and convert them into artfully handwritten document. We can also simply provide handwritten envelopes for wedding and other celebratory occasions. Services provided by The Old Time Scribe allow customers to return to a time when penmanship was honed and letters themselves were a work of art, expressing messages in more than just words. Each message is transcribed using a fine ink-dipped quill pen. While navigating this site, you will be able to choose which size and color paper you wish to convey your important message. You also have the rare option of being able to choose from multiple types of writing styles. Finally, The Old Time Scribe's most exciting service is the Flourishes you can choose from, to include matching envelopes, wax seals, scrolls, ribbons, manuscript lettering, or a combination of them all. As the customer you have a unique advantage of being able to PICK AND CHOOSE any and all options you wish to relay your message.


Why Scribe?

In today's fast paced world, we have discovered ways to become increasingly efficient at communicating and transmitting our written messages, but at a cost often overlooked. The meticulous attention to detail and care given to the "written message" has gravely diminished and is frankly ignored as global technological advancements progress. Unarguably, society has drifted towards favoring speed of delivery over the quality and value of a handwritten letter. While from the perspective of the writer this may seem like a bearing worth following, we must remind ourselves that those receiving our messages are the most important contender in the writer-reader dynamic.


Who Uses OTS?

-Romantic Correspondence: This should be self-explanatory. Who doesn't like to receive letters? Now imagine sending your loved ones a personalized letter with all the attractive features that the Old Time Scribe has to offer. As a matter of fact, I am writing a letter to my girlfriend as we speak, using the wax seal.

-Friendly Correspondence: Friends who haven't spoken in years or friends who speak daily will enjoy this renaissance of a lost art form.
-Wedding Envelopes/Invitations: Bright-eyed couples preparing for their big day will find thrilling utility in the artfully prepared work of the Old Time Scribe. Whether you would like only handwritten invitations, addressed envelopes, or both together, The Scribe would be thrilled to help you during the early stages of your Big Step.

-Military: Services provided by the Old Time Scribe afford our men and women of the US Armed Forces and their families the opportunity to add a little something extra to their already heartfelt messages.

-Professional Correspondence: If you want to leave the greatest impression on your business associates or BOSS (if you so dare), how better than a handwritten, personalized letter. While your email message is, no doubt, fine as it is, why not give it a little more impact power?

The best part about the Old Time Scribe services is that you can pick and choose any and all of the options and use them however you want. While above describes the most popular options and uses, the creativity does not end there. Write to whoever you want, however you want. Enjoy!

Who Is The Scribe?

A true renaissance man in his own right. Once described as a young man with an old soul. The Scribe is a devilishly handsome, witty, sly, intelligent, and, did I mention, unfailingly humble man for all seasons. Huzzah! Well while some of that may be a stretch of his imagination, a gift embellished by kissing the Blarney Stone no doubt, he is one thing for certain...painstakingly passionate for quality. If you have not realized yet, all services provided by this new-fangled website are artfully prepared by the steady and meticulously careful hand of just one man. A firm believer of the "measure twice, cut once" mantra, The Scribe takes rigorous care with every message he transcribes. While the message being conveyed is not his own, he assumes the role as if every correspondence, invitation, or general tidings he transcribes were going to his own loved ones, friends, or professional relations. Never seeming to be satisfied with the status quo, The Scribe finds pleasure in taking pride in those things others take for granted. Of the persuasion, that anything worth saying is worth saying well, The Scribe encourages you to utilize his services so that your undoubtedly smart, witty, serious, and most of all, meaningful message can be properly conveyed in manner that truly expresses it.
                                  -The Scribe




Acceptance Mark
By ordering from this website grant me the authority to have our service transcribe your message on your behalf. Old Time Scribe reserves the right to decline transcribing messages that are conducive to or promoting illegal intent or action. Larger orders will of course require more writing time so please allow ample order notification.